Here you can find documentation of some of my courses as well as a collection of materials that supplement my teaching and supervision.

  • Applied Reading VII 2022: Games and War
    This course takes a critical look at the relation between games and war. I will provide a more detailed description asap.
  • ゲームと戦争2022 参考文献 | Games and War 2022 Literature
    This is a list of relevant literature on the relation between games and war gathered by the participants in the course Applied Reading VII 2022: Games and War at Ritsumeikan University. It will be updated as the course progresses.
  • Game Studies readings: basic, advanced, additional
    This is a growing list of readings I recommend for students interested in exploring digital games. This is just a start, more readings will be added… basic readings advanced readings additional readings
  • Game Studies journals
    If you are researching digital games, there are many resources to consider when identifying the state of research with regards to a particular topic. Here is a tentative list, which I hope to update over time.GameStudies.org [English] Replaying Japan [English/Japanese] Journal of Sound and Music in Games [English] Transactions of